Summer Running and Marathon Prep

I hate summer running. Especially in south Louisiana.

I typically only run once a week during the summer and focus on other workouts such as CrossFit until the Fall. With marathon training kicking off in September, summer running is crucial for me this year. I need to keep a decent base to start training healthy and feeling good.

Here are a few things I do to help make running the summer a little better.


This should always be a priority, no matter the outside temps. To be sure I’m getting enough water in each day, I start my day by drinking a 30 ounce cup of water then be sure I fill up that cup at least 2 more times before my afternoon/evening runs.

During/after my run I drink a clean electrolyte replacement like this one.

Wear a Hat.

Running with a hat feels so much better than running without one, especially when the sun is still out and blazing during my run.

Summer Running Clothing

I am one of the few people who does not run in shorts. As a result, I need my running capris and tank to be as cool (temperature wise) as possible while battling the 100+ degree heat index. I like to focus on dry fit capris and tanks, well made sports bras (because chafing is not okay) and blister resistant socks.

I probably haven’t shared anything groundbreaking with you, but the combination of these things typically makes running in the summer (or any time) better.

Why a Marathon?

I have completed 4 half marathons since December 2013 and have only really been  running since August 2013. During my last training cycle this Spring, I began thinking about the possibility of doing a full. I had a great training experience and felt stronger than I ever have running.

womans halfzydeco 2014zydeco 2015zydeco 2016

Top left: Woman’s Half December 2013; Top Right: Zydeco Half March 2014; Bottom Left: Zydeco Half March 2015; Bottom Right: Zydeco Half March 2016

One day I was talking to one of my best friends about it and we decided that we would start researching marathons and training to see if this crazy thought could become a reality. In April we narrowed our search to the Walt Disney World Marathon and signed up the day registration opened!

marathon sign up

I’m still playing around with the exact plan I will follow, but am thinking it will be a cross between this plan and this one. I plan to run 3-4 days a week with 1-2 days of modified CrossFit workouts (focusing on biking, rowing and targeted strength).

For now, I am focusing on 2-3 short runs during the week and starting this weekend, I’ll begin to incorporate a longer run on Saturday mornings while Tyler is at CrossFit. I plan for my weekly blog posts to have a round up of workouts for the week included so you can see how far (and slow) I’m running in addition to other workouts.


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