The Beginning

A few days before I was supposed to attend orientation for school, our town was hit by the Great Flood of 2016 (also known by many other names). Luckily, my home missed taking on water by less than an inch. Most of those we know and see around us were not so lucky (including my parents and grandparents). As a result, I was unable to make it to New Orleans for orientation. Thankfully, I was able to make it there for the first day of class, which was last Wednesday.


This week was my first week working full time and attending school (my office was closed last week). I feel very tired, but not bad. So far, I am doing well balancing work tasks and school tasks. School is overwhelming, interesting, stressful and great all at one time. I am very much a planner and know it will take a few weeks to figure out how my new routine will really look. In the meantime, I am taking it one day at a time.

I did not do well balancing running and other workouts this week. I was prepared for this to happen and am not beating myself up. Next week will be better. The beginning is always confusing and unknown.

Workouts over the last 2 weeks: 

I was not able to do any formal exercise last week, but was able to lend a hand at my parents and grandparents houses assisting in demo work (which was always a very sweaty strength session).

My first real workout was last Saturday. I met my best friend for a 6~ mile run at the LSU lakes. Running with friends is always fun, especially when your friend lives a few hours away!

This week I did two, 2 mile runs (Monday and Thursday) and plan to do a 5~ mile run tomorrow morning.

Here’s my plan to make next week better:

My husband will be helping by making some CrossFit workouts that will compliment my training. He will be programming these in a way that I can come in to the gym to complete them or do them at home if my schedule does not allow a visit to the gym. My goal is to do something each day next week to benefit my training.

We will be (weather permitting) going to Destin next weekend for Labor Day. I look forward to updating y’all on my goals for the week from the beach!


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