Welcome to the Family, Dez!

This week’s training did not go quite as planned. When I got out of class Tuesday afternoon, I had a phone call letting me know our new puppy had arrived at the airport and was waiting on us. This was a surprise to me since we were expecting his arrival on Friday afternoon. After confirming it was our puppy (we were sent an incorrect date of arrival), Tyler headed over to pick him up.

In addition to Dez’s surprise arrival, I was feeling some pretty heavy stress with school this week. As a result, workouts were nonexistent until Saturday’s long run. My first long run of the official training plan was a 6 miler that I completed at the LSU lakes. It was slow, but I felt good which has me hopeful that my pace will pick up when the weather cools off (hurry up running weather)!

Training goals this week: complete a workout each designated workout day (even if it’s not a run), foam roll 3 times during the week.

I plan to document my eats for you a bit this week to not only keep me on track, but to show what kinds of clean (and sometimes not so clean) foods I’m eating on a daily basis.

In the meantime, I’ll leave you with some pictures of our sweet new pup, Dez! Dez is a 4.5 month old Newfoundland puppy and will grow up to be very large (approximately 150 pounds). He is incredibly sweet and calm and minus a couple of nights of sleeplessness while we figured out his crate training, has been a complete joy to us. We look forward to many years with this sweet guy. If you have instagram, go follow Dez: @DezTheNewfieAndFriends



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