Marathon Training: Weeks 2 & 3

I’m learning more each week how to balance life, work, school and training, but certainly do not have it all figured out. As a result, my training has not been perfect but I am trying to make running and cross training a priority for my mental sanity and of course for race day.

Here’s a breakdown of my last 2 weeks of training.

Week 2 Training

Monday 9/12: Run 3 miles


Tuesday 9/13: 3 Rounds of 15 kettle bell swings, 30 squats, 45 shoulder taps

Wednesday 9/14: Run 2 miles

Thursday 9/15: No workout, busy day

Friday 9/16: Rest

Saturday 9/17: Run 7 miles  Run 6.38 miles (hot+tough mental/physical run=stopping early)


Week 3 Training

Monday 9/19: Run 3 miles


Tuesday 9/20: No workout, busy day

Wednesday 9/21: No workout, busy day

Thursday 9/22: 1 mile run, 30 burpees, 1/2 mile run

Friday 9/23: Rest

Saturday 9/24: Doc’s Dash 5K race

I plan to focus this week on making one of my run days a speed workout day. I ordered two books on training smarter and realize dedicating one training day a week on speed workouts can really improve my overall training. I’ve been struggling lately with pace in this heat and while I know it will get better when the weather cools off, I want to be sure I’m as prepared as I can be come race day.

Friday night, Tyler took me on a fun date night in New Orleans. We ate dinner at Domenica and then saw The Sound of Music at the Saenger Theater. Fun fact: I played Maria in The Sound of Music in high school. I was flooded with so many great memories while watching, it was the perfect date night!img_2507

Here’s a picture of me and Dez from Saturday’s race. He and Tyler came along to cheer me on.



After the race, I talked Tyler into signing up for the Jazz Half Marathon with me in October. I can’t wait to experience Tyler’s first half marathon with him! In return, I promised to sign up for an obstacle course race with him in November. I am supposed to run 15 miles the week of that race, so the plan is to sign up to run unlimited laps so we can repeat the course until my training length has been met (or close enough).


Here’s to another week of training, school work and everything in between!



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