Marathon Training: Week 4


I hope everyone had a fun weekend. Last Monday I was reminded by my husband, this Monday I was reminded by a professor that even though my life is insane right now, I need to try to stop and take it all in. My life will never quite be the same as it is now and while that may be something to look forward to, I will miss out on a lot of great things over the next few years if I don’t slow down and take it one step at a time, and have a little fun in there too! It is easier said than done, but I am trying to keep it in mind. 🙂

Last week was a pretty good one for training. Below are the workouts I completed.

Monday- Run 3 miles


Tuesday- 100 kettle bell swings for time followed by 30 squats (for good measure)

Wednesday- busy day, no workout

Thursday- 30 minutes of treadmill interval and hill training at the school gym

Friday- Rest

Saturday- Run 9 miles


Saturday after my long run, I took on a little project I’ve been wanting to tackle since before the flood. My mom gave me a set of chairs and table that she no longer used so I bought some fun spray paint and decided to give it a makeover.

Here’s a little before and after!


Later Saturday night, Tyler was in a wedding for his high school friend, Adam. It was a such a fun time!


I don’t brag on Tyler much, but he looks like a completely different person (almost) 4 years after wearing nearly this same suit for our wedding. Here’s a little flashback for you.


Photo credit: CJ Grace Photography

For those wondering what I am eating to fuel while training, the answer is: nothing exciting. Since the miles are just now getting higher, nothing about my eating has changed much. Here are some random pics from last week of lunch and coffee. Breakfast is almost always eggs and Ezekiel bread, lunch is typically a salad, wrap (on Ezekiel tortilla) or leftovers and dinner is usually pretty boring with a protein (chicken, flank steak, fish), potato and veggies (broccoli, usually). Don’t let that fool you though, if I am presented with something delicious like pizza or dessert, I’m highly likely to participate. Also, my standard coffee order is as follows: if at PJ’s Coffee: iced coffee (they have flavor roasted iced coffee so no syrup is included in the flavor) with a little half and half, if at CC’s: iced latte with an extra shot. I rarely get hot coffee, though hot coffee is almost always what I make at home (keurig brewed with a splash of half and half or unsweetened coconut creamer).


Until next week…


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