Marathon Training Week 5

This week I hit the double digits in my long run! My week was crazy on the work and school front, so I did not get all of my training in, but ended up having a great long run (even though it was significantly slower than my 9 miler).

Here’s a breakdown of my workouts:

Tuesday: 3 mile run


Thursday: 2.5 mile run

Sunday: 10 mile run


Sadly, I only got in 3 workouts last week. Since I ran on Sunday (yesterday), I am resting today and will switch up my schedule for this week. This week’s long run is a bit of a taper with only 7 miles, so I’m looking forward to the break!

This weeks food pics include (from left to right): My Monday morning iced latte, a club wrap from whole foods (dinner Wednesday), a salad on the go (lunch Thursday), an at home wrap (lunch Monday), Greek (lunch Wednesday) and my typical every morning breakfast.

Friday we went to Brew at the Zoo. It was so fun! Sadly our friends were not able to go at the last minute, so we brought my dad and one of my brothers. Here are a few pics from our fun night.


Until next week, I leave you with this.



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