Catch Up!

Long time no blog. Life has been crazy over the last few weeks between work, school and training I feel like I’m out of control at all times (insert laughing emoji here). I get asked all the time how things are going and how I am handling everything. The truth is sometimes I handle things well and sometimes I burst into tears at the drop of a hat (this happened  at least two days last week). The great news is I am not crying daily and my husband is still my husband. LOL! Speaking of, we are celebrating our 4th wedding anniversary this week. Can you believe it? Four. Years. Seems like the blink of an eye and forever (in a good way) all at the same time.

To catch up on training (because my work and school life are not exciting to talk about), I’ll share with you my long runs in weeks 6, 7 and 8 of marathon training and leave you with my goals for week 9.

Week 6: Long run was a taper at 7 miles. I ran this one at the LSU lakes and felt pretty good.


Week 7: 12 miles! It was chilly the morning of this run and I was able to run with capris and a long sleeved running shirt the whole time. I love running in chilly weather. Sadly, the chilly weather made me sick and I fought (and am still fighting) an upper respiratory infection the week after.


Week 8: Last weekend Tyler and I ran the Jazz Half Marathon in New Orleans. This served as my training run for the week and was Tyler’s first (and he says last) half marathon. It was a great race and I would definitely do it again! I did not PR, but did get right at the time I wanted and most of all I did not walk, at all, so I felt great!


This week: My goals for this week are to get in a 3 mile and 5~mile run and to get two other days of other workouts in (crossfit style at my house). So far, I have accomplished the 3 miler! This weekend will be a 10 mile taper run before tackling 15 (!!) next weekend. I will be doing the 10 miler early Saturday morning before leaving to tailgate for the LSU/Bama game Saturday. Geaux Tigers!

Here’s to hoping the coming weeks allow more time for blog catch up as my training milage really starts to grow.


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