Marathon Training: Week 9

I just realized today that I only have 3 weeks left in my first semester of school! That is both terrifying and exhilarating. In other news, I made it through week 9 of marathon training. This week I met my running goal, but did not get the cross training in I planned. Below are my runs from the week.

Monday: Run 3 miles


Wednesday: Run 5 miles


Saturday: Run 10 miles


I felt good all week until the last 3.5 miles of my long run Saturday when I started having some intense knee pain. Thankfully it has gotten better after a LOT of icing but does still hurt when walking, so I will be resting this week until it is better :(. It probably did not help that I immediately showered and left to spend the rest of Saturday tailgating for the LSU game. The only ice time I got was in the car on the way to campus. Even though I did not get my normal recovery routine and the game did not end like we wanted, we had a great time!


On Thursday (11/3) we celebrated our 4th wedding anniversary. Time flies so much faster the older you get. I’ll share with all of you the four pictures I shared on social media Thursday. Some of my favorites from our wedding. So thankful for my husband and can’t wait for many more years together!



This week, I will be taking it easy to hopefully let my knee recoup from whatever I did to it and will be mentally preparing for 15 miles (!!) on Saturday. To this point the miles have been long, but have all been distances I’ve done before. This week’s run will mark the first PR distance in my training!



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