Marathon Training: Week 10

This week I rested and iced my knee all week in preparation to run 15 miles on Saturday (finally felt some relief in the pain around Wednesday/Thursday). Sadly, when I got to 9 miles, my knee began to hurt. The pain increased at 10 miles and I turned around early to head back to my car, only completing 14 miles total. I walked 2 of the 4 miles back to my car and jogged the other two leaving me with a much slower than anticipated overall time. I am disappointed in my body, but am determined to figure out the best way to finish out this training and the marathon strong. This week I will be focusing on different forms of cardio such as rowing and biking and will try one shorter run mid week to see how my knee is feeling. This coming weekend I have 16 miles on the schedule and really hope that I am able to complete that run feeling good. Other than my right knee, I am actually feeling great in all other aspects, so I think that is good!


Friday night, Tyler and I had the pleasure of attending a wedding for a good friend of mine. I have known Jonathan since 3rd grade and am so excited I got to witness him marry his soulmate. Here’s to wishing you both a lifetime of happiness!!


This week will be a crazy one with a ton of work and school deadlines. Here’s to a productive and (hopefully) minimally stressed week!


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