Marathon Training: Week 11

I did it! I ran 16 miles and it felt good! I think the colder weather was a huge help yesterday during my 16 miler but I felt great. Was it hard? Yes, of course. But it felt do-able and I felt like if needed, I could have gone further. Can you believe I only have two super long runs left in this training? Here’s a look at what this week’s workouts looked like.

Monday: Row 5K


Wednesday: Run 3 miles


Thursday: Bike 8 miles then 16 minute warm-up of: every even minute hold plank for 30 seconds, every odd minute bike for 30 seconds (hard effort); followed this by a (very) modified “Annie” workout. Traditional Annie is: 50-40-30-20-10 double under jump ropes (or double the amount for single jump ropes) and sit ups. I was concerned if I did that many sit ups I would be able to stand up straight for my run Saturday so I did the single under jump ropes and only did 10 sit ups each round.

Saturday: Run 16 miles


My next few weeks of long runs look like this:

11/25: 12~ miles (running with my best friend so we may change this up a bit)

12/3: 18 miles

12/10: 14 miles

12/17: 20 miles

Then… taper until the race!

In other news, our sweet Dez is growing so fast! Here’s a picture of him today on the couch with me. He loves to be on the couch with his brothers. And yes, we have started decorating for Christmas.


I hope you have a great Thanksgiving with your family and friends!


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