Semester One: Complete! And 18 miles…

I did it! I made it through my first semester as a full-time PhD student while working full time and training for a marathon. I’ve spent the last couple of weeks completing assignments and papers in preparation for the semester end and am so happy to report I made it through with all A’s! Here’s to a (hopefully) smooth next 3.5~ years. I’ve been getting in two short runs a week along with at least one day of longer non-running cardio such as a long stationary bike ride. That method seems to be working good to keep me feeling good for long weekend runs and I have experienced minimal knee pain. I have been pleasantly surprised by how my body has recouped after these long runs!

Thanksgiving weekend I ran 12 miles with Tiffany (best friend doing the race with me). It was so fun to spend 2+ hours catching up on life and grabbing lunch after.


Last weekend I ran 18 miles around Walker. Below is my route and the final result. I had some major mental struggle miles 11-16. The first 10~miles flew by pretty quick and by the time I made it to a point on the way back that feels like I’m “almost there”, I was at mile 16 and tried to really just go to what Tyler calls “my dark place” and just push through to the end. I slowed down a LOT during the last 6~ miles, but overall, I’m happy with how things turned out.



Later that night we left to spend the night in Alexandria for a crossfit competition that Tyler and others were competing in Saturday morning. Before leaving, we feasted on mexican food which included a burrito and margarita for me. I wanted #allthefood. We got back Saturday evening and rested the rest of the night. Sunday I completed my last final for school then awaited my grades. This weekend will be my coldest run yet. I’ll do around 12 miles (maybe a little more or less) in freezing temps! Next weekend is the longest long training run I will ever complete- 20 miles! Be on the lookout for a recap of that run. I’ll be running with Tiffany and am so thankful to have someone to talk to while pushing through the miles.

The end of training is almost here!


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