Semester One: Complete! And 18 miles…

I did it! I made it through my first semester as a full-time PhD student while working full time and training for a marathon. I’ve spent the last couple of weeks completing assignments and papers in preparation for the semester end and am so happy to report I made it through with all A’s! Here’s to a (hopefully) smooth next 3.5~ years. I’ve been getting in two short runs a week along with at least one day of longer non-running cardio such as a long stationary bike ride. That method seems to be working good to keep me feeling good for long weekend runs and I have experienced minimal knee pain. I have been pleasantly surprised by how my body has recouped after these long runs!

Thanksgiving weekend I ran 12 miles with Tiffany (best friend doing the race with me). It was so fun to spend 2+ hours catching up on life and grabbing lunch after.


Last weekend I ran 18 miles around Walker. Below is my route and the final result. I had some major mental struggle miles 11-16. The first 10~miles flew by pretty quick and by the time I made it to a point on the way back that feels like I’m “almost there”, I was at mile 16 and tried to really just go to what Tyler calls “my dark place” and just push through to the end. I slowed down a LOT during the last 6~ miles, but overall, I’m happy with how things turned out.



Later that night we left to spend the night in Alexandria for a crossfit competition that Tyler and others were competing in Saturday morning. Before leaving, we feasted on mexican food which included a burrito and margarita for me. I wanted #allthefood. We got back Saturday evening and rested the rest of the night. Sunday I completed my last final for school then awaited my grades. This weekend will be my coldest run yet. I’ll do around 12 miles (maybe a little more or less) in freezing temps! Next weekend is the longest long training run I will ever complete- 20 miles! Be on the lookout for a recap of that run. I’ll be running with Tiffany and am so thankful to have someone to talk to while pushing through the miles.

The end of training is almost here!


Marathon Training: Week 11

I did it! I ran 16 miles and it felt good! I think the colder weather was a huge help yesterday during my 16 miler but I felt great. Was it hard? Yes, of course. But it felt do-able and I felt like if needed, I could have gone further. Can you believe I only have two super long runs left in this training? Here’s a look at what this week’s workouts looked like.

Monday: Row 5K


Wednesday: Run 3 miles


Thursday: Bike 8 miles then 16 minute warm-up of: every even minute hold plank for 30 seconds, every odd minute bike for 30 seconds (hard effort); followed this by a (very) modified “Annie” workout. Traditional Annie is: 50-40-30-20-10 double under jump ropes (or double the amount for single jump ropes) and sit ups. I was concerned if I did that many sit ups I would be able to stand up straight for my run Saturday so I did the single under jump ropes and only did 10 sit ups each round.

Saturday: Run 16 miles


My next few weeks of long runs look like this:

11/25: 12~ miles (running with my best friend so we may change this up a bit)

12/3: 18 miles

12/10: 14 miles

12/17: 20 miles

Then… taper until the race!

In other news, our sweet Dez is growing so fast! Here’s a picture of him today on the couch with me. He loves to be on the couch with his brothers. And yes, we have started decorating for Christmas.


I hope you have a great Thanksgiving with your family and friends!

Marathon Training: Week 10

This week I rested and iced my knee all week in preparation to run 15 miles on Saturday (finally felt some relief in the pain around Wednesday/Thursday). Sadly, when I got to 9 miles, my knee began to hurt. The pain increased at 10 miles and I turned around early to head back to my car, only completing 14 miles total. I walked 2 of the 4 miles back to my car and jogged the other two leaving me with a much slower than anticipated overall time. I am disappointed in my body, but am determined to figure out the best way to finish out this training and the marathon strong. This week I will be focusing on different forms of cardio such as rowing and biking and will try one shorter run mid week to see how my knee is feeling. This coming weekend I have 16 miles on the schedule and really hope that I am able to complete that run feeling good. Other than my right knee, I am actually feeling great in all other aspects, so I think that is good!


Friday night, Tyler and I had the pleasure of attending a wedding for a good friend of mine. I have known Jonathan since 3rd grade and am so excited I got to witness him marry his soulmate. Here’s to wishing you both a lifetime of happiness!!


This week will be a crazy one with a ton of work and school deadlines. Here’s to a productive and (hopefully) minimally stressed week!

Marathon Training: Week 9

I just realized today that I only have 3 weeks left in my first semester of school! That is both terrifying and exhilarating. In other news, I made it through week 9 of marathon training. This week I met my running goal, but did not get the cross training in I planned. Below are my runs from the week.

Monday: Run 3 miles


Wednesday: Run 5 miles


Saturday: Run 10 miles


I felt good all week until the last 3.5 miles of my long run Saturday when I started having some intense knee pain. Thankfully it has gotten better after a LOT of icing but does still hurt when walking, so I will be resting this week until it is better :(. It probably did not help that I immediately showered and left to spend the rest of Saturday tailgating for the LSU game. The only ice time I got was in the car on the way to campus. Even though I did not get my normal recovery routine and the game did not end like we wanted, we had a great time!


On Thursday (11/3) we celebrated our 4th wedding anniversary. Time flies so much faster the older you get. I’ll share with all of you the four pictures I shared on social media Thursday. Some of my favorites from our wedding. So thankful for my husband and can’t wait for many more years together!



This week, I will be taking it easy to hopefully let my knee recoup from whatever I did to it and will be mentally preparing for 15 miles (!!) on Saturday. To this point the miles have been long, but have all been distances I’ve done before. This week’s run will mark the first PR distance in my training!


Catch Up!

Long time no blog. Life has been crazy over the last few weeks between work, school and training I feel like I’m out of control at all times (insert laughing emoji here). I get asked all the time how things are going and how I am handling everything. The truth is sometimes I handle things well and sometimes I burst into tears at the drop of a hat (this happened  at least two days last week). The great news is I am not crying daily and my husband is still my husband. LOL! Speaking of, we are celebrating our 4th wedding anniversary this week. Can you believe it? Four. Years. Seems like the blink of an eye and forever (in a good way) all at the same time.

To catch up on training (because my work and school life are not exciting to talk about), I’ll share with you my long runs in weeks 6, 7 and 8 of marathon training and leave you with my goals for week 9.

Week 6: Long run was a taper at 7 miles. I ran this one at the LSU lakes and felt pretty good.


Week 7: 12 miles! It was chilly the morning of this run and I was able to run with capris and a long sleeved running shirt the whole time. I love running in chilly weather. Sadly, the chilly weather made me sick and I fought (and am still fighting) an upper respiratory infection the week after.


Week 8: Last weekend Tyler and I ran the Jazz Half Marathon in New Orleans. This served as my training run for the week and was Tyler’s first (and he says last) half marathon. It was a great race and I would definitely do it again! I did not PR, but did get right at the time I wanted and most of all I did not walk, at all, so I felt great!


This week: My goals for this week are to get in a 3 mile and 5~mile run and to get two other days of other workouts in (crossfit style at my house). So far, I have accomplished the 3 miler! This weekend will be a 10 mile taper run before tackling 15 (!!) next weekend. I will be doing the 10 miler early Saturday morning before leaving to tailgate for the LSU/Bama game Saturday. Geaux Tigers!

Here’s to hoping the coming weeks allow more time for blog catch up as my training milage really starts to grow.

Marathon Training Week 5

This week I hit the double digits in my long run! My week was crazy on the work and school front, so I did not get all of my training in, but ended up having a great long run (even though it was significantly slower than my 9 miler).

Here’s a breakdown of my workouts:

Tuesday: 3 mile run


Thursday: 2.5 mile run

Sunday: 10 mile run


Sadly, I only got in 3 workouts last week. Since I ran on Sunday (yesterday), I am resting today and will switch up my schedule for this week. This week’s long run is a bit of a taper with only 7 miles, so I’m looking forward to the break!

This weeks food pics include (from left to right): My Monday morning iced latte, a club wrap from whole foods (dinner Wednesday), a salad on the go (lunch Thursday), an at home wrap (lunch Monday), Greek (lunch Wednesday) and my typical every morning breakfast.

Friday we went to Brew at the Zoo. It was so fun! Sadly our friends were not able to go at the last minute, so we brought my dad and one of my brothers. Here are a few pics from our fun night.


Until next week, I leave you with this.


Marathon Training: Week 4


I hope everyone had a fun weekend. Last Monday I was reminded by my husband, this Monday I was reminded by a professor that even though my life is insane right now, I need to try to stop and take it all in. My life will never quite be the same as it is now and while that may be something to look forward to, I will miss out on a lot of great things over the next few years if I don’t slow down and take it one step at a time, and have a little fun in there too! It is easier said than done, but I am trying to keep it in mind. 🙂

Last week was a pretty good one for training. Below are the workouts I completed.

Monday- Run 3 miles


Tuesday- 100 kettle bell swings for time followed by 30 squats (for good measure)

Wednesday- busy day, no workout

Thursday- 30 minutes of treadmill interval and hill training at the school gym

Friday- Rest

Saturday- Run 9 miles


Saturday after my long run, I took on a little project I’ve been wanting to tackle since before the flood. My mom gave me a set of chairs and table that she no longer used so I bought some fun spray paint and decided to give it a makeover.

Here’s a little before and after!


Later Saturday night, Tyler was in a wedding for his high school friend, Adam. It was a such a fun time!


I don’t brag on Tyler much, but he looks like a completely different person (almost) 4 years after wearing nearly this same suit for our wedding. Here’s a little flashback for you.


Photo credit: CJ Grace Photography

For those wondering what I am eating to fuel while training, the answer is: nothing exciting. Since the miles are just now getting higher, nothing about my eating has changed much. Here are some random pics from last week of lunch and coffee. Breakfast is almost always eggs and Ezekiel bread, lunch is typically a salad, wrap (on Ezekiel tortilla) or leftovers and dinner is usually pretty boring with a protein (chicken, flank steak, fish), potato and veggies (broccoli, usually). Don’t let that fool you though, if I am presented with something delicious like pizza or dessert, I’m highly likely to participate. Also, my standard coffee order is as follows: if at PJ’s Coffee: iced coffee (they have flavor roasted iced coffee so no syrup is included in the flavor) with a little half and half, if at CC’s: iced latte with an extra shot. I rarely get hot coffee, though hot coffee is almost always what I make at home (keurig brewed with a splash of half and half or unsweetened coconut creamer).


Until next week…